Business Mindset Versus Entrepreneurship Mindset:

Business in its hardcore economic sense of just targeting making money can be toxic and unfulfilling especially in the present-day creative economy where creativity and flexibility has taken foothold in most workplaces. The business mindset has always resorted to doing business cold heartedly, devoid of creativity, innovation, and holistic and humane principles. Yet, the present-day entrepreneurial business world calls for creativity and innovative thinking with a more holistic and humane approach in business and life. That way making it a balanced lifestyle that can be exciting and fulfilling, not frustrating by being totally money centered.

As you wind up 2021 in the reflective mood of having explored what works and what does not work as a freelancer, solopreneur, startup or corporate company, it is interesting to note the difference between business mindset and entrepreneurship mindset.  Which mindset did you apply in all your business processes and procedures since the inception of your venture? Did you feel 2021 dragging on and on like a treadmill with little excitement and interest in what you were doing? Are you ready to get more inspired and empowered in life and business and getting fully geared for 2022?  It is exciting to share with you how I have grown through my holistic and humane principles as a solopreneur to the extent of realizing the difference between business mindset and entrepreneurship mindset, which I am happy to share with you and hoping you find it inspiring and empowering. Here is how it goes;

Business mindset is rigid and traditional. Entrepreneurship mindset is flexible and creative. Rigidity in business operations and processes is limiting and marginalizing especially its marketing efforts as in Content marketing. It stunts and retards growth and development of individuals in the organization particularly those in the marketing department. It limits opportunities for experimenting and accommodation of new ideas for effective marketing. The business mindset hardly accepts young and adventurous people with new ways of doing stuff that can promote easy ways and methods of doing work.

Entrepreneurship mindset is creative and flexible. It gives room for experimenting with new ideas and always seeks the most practical and creative way to do work especially when it comes to Digital marketing through content creation. It promotes teamwork and creative collaboration. It expects the best from all creative minds in the venture, for they believe in creativity and that everyone should be creative in coming up with solutions to solve people’s problems and transform themselves for the better and optimizing performance of the organization as a whole.

A business mindset is vicious and cold blooded through competitive spirit approach. Entrepreneurship mindset is interesting and exciting. In business people sweat blood and always think about numbers and figures. In entrepreneurship it is more about being happy to transform lives for the better and betterment of society and everyone concerned, so you do not do stuff like competing devoid of empathic feelings, but with concerned emotions of being of service. The business approach enforces figures and numbers that are automated and calculated to the tooth devoid of human feelings and therefore can never be fulfilling to the soul. The entrepreneurship mindset with its target for pursuing and targeting transformation of lives can never be automated or calculated devoid of customer satisfaction. That way it is healing and fulfilling for it focuses on other people, not on the business.

Business mindset is about selling and profit centered. Entrepreneurship is about building relationships and people centered. Selling for profit is not holistic and humane. It does not put the needs of your target market into consideration. Neither does it make you be aware of what really make their lives tick. You just cold heartedly push products into the market, without caring how they are going to help the buyer or the customer. I have witnessed this in my life here in this city I am now staying.

You see most business people are not happy with their businesses, no matter how much business deals they are pushing through. That is why you see most of them driving their big cars with screwed faces instead of happy and joyful faces. Why is that so?

Basically, it is because the business mindset of selling, for the sake of making profits is not fulfilling and will never make you as a business person happy and fulfilled. Building strong relationships with your target clients and customers is more people centered and a winning strategy for survival and success in life and in business. It is holistic and humane, for both parties concerned. That way healing and fulfilling. It is like as an entrepreneur you go an extra mile to understand what your target clients really need and what their pain points are, and how best you can help how you can be solve their problems. That way making you happy to be a solution, and at the same time making money out of creating solutions that save and serve the world.

  Entrepreneurship is teamwork and autonomous. Business mindset is leadership centered and controlling. Leadership is a labelled way of leading, a style of managing people, that has since been theorized and practiced by long forgotten management scholars who always believed in the scientific way of leadership and leading people in organization. People are not machines; they do not need controlling. They need freedom and independence to be the best they can be and an opportunity to do so without strict parameters that reduce them into passive recipients of intimidating instructions and directions from their superiors without questioning. That is killing the human soul and shuttering human creative capabilities that makes any one feel fulfilled and happy. It is toxic and dehumanizing. This contributes to stress and mental breakdown. Teamwork is liberal and liberating the creative power of the human mind. Every being was created with the autonomy of being themselves and being the best of themselves. Entrepreneurship gives all human being to have that autonomy to do so through teamwork with the focus of achieving clear common goals that everyone understands to be part of.   

 There are so many aspects of business and entrepreneurship approach I will be sharing with you on this platform.  However, I do not mean I am an expert in bringing out these observations, but for me I have found that, they have helped me in not losing hope in pushing my agenda of believing in being holistic and humane in life and business. I really find it healing and fulfilling especially when hard times knock at the most raw part of your figures and numbers in your entrepreneurial journey. Business mindset can kill your passion in life and hardly promotes your desire to rise up to the occasion of being yourself and being the best of yourself and what you were meant to be.  A business mindset always makes you think about numbers and not about yourself and what you are really interested in life and how best you can create wealth out of your creative ideas as an entrepreneur to earn your own new money, not just having wealth out of old money that is stinking sweat and blood of the long departed. Which would you rather have, wealth from creative green ideas or wealth from traditional old money?

Maybe you are not quite sure of the difference here.  Wealth can come in two main ways. Either out of old money or out of new money. Wealth out of new money is created, and earns you green money that needs you to actively create streams of income that are in line with your interests and passions in life and business. Wealth out of old money is earned from inheritance and passed on from generation to many generations down the line and needs to be passively taken care of. So, which one would you have, in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life? For me as an entrepreneur I would rather choose green money for it allows me to be creative and wake up every day with fresh new ideas of how best I should boost my wealth through creating new interesting and exciting ideas to pursue and challenge myself.

 Rather than waking up to balance books of old, and stale money with limited opportunity to grow and develop myself into being myself and being the best, I can be in the creative world of entrepreneurship. This makes me realize why most people feel dreamy and livened when they read about Silicon Valley as Tech galaxy. It is because it has adopted the entrepreneurship mindset in everything that those who have been are exposed to. I have never been there, but have read a lot about those who have been there.

 If you find this subject interesting and seeking to brand yourself as a joyful and fulfilled entrepreneur, especially as a freelancer, solopreneur, startup company and disillusioned corporate business person, you can visit this site here for more inspiring and empowering observations in entrepreneurship and how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset for self- promoting and personal branding yourself for survival and success in the digital economy.


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