Life & Social Literacy

Social Literacy in The Digital World

Social literacy is basically about etiquette and good manners in the present-day world where technology, specifically mobile devices have changed the way we interact at home, at work and in business. Though, technological devices have enhanced human interaction, they also have proved to interfere with real human interaction. As a result, etiquette and good manners have become insignificant and probably muted especially in most social settings where human interaction is expected for warmth, empathy and compassion, like at the work places and in most homes. This is where we come in as an organization to empower individuals and organizations to adopt the Holistic Think Model in reawakening these fast eroded social skills. Social literacy skills help us in our daily interaction at home, at school and at the workplace or business and contribute in making the world a better place to live, work and do business.

How To Behave and Conduct Yourself

 Social literacy will make you understand how to behave and conduct yourself in any social setting like, home, school, workplace or business world. It helps people and organizations to communicate in a respectful manner as well as becoming involved in whatever setting you find yourself in. Social literacy helps in developing appropriate language for different settings to denote respect and context. It also guides in how to dress, and behave appropriately to suit social situations and settings in which you find yourself. Like no dressing too casually or texting and using phones during interviews.

Team Cohesion

Social Literacy promotes social cohesion and builds cooperation among people from different backgrounds as well as positive social dispositions especially for business interaction at the workplace. It helps individual’s ability to connect effectively with other people especially in the present-day world where one needs to network. Social Literacy includes personal and interpersonal skills; like self-esteem, self-help, self-control, and self-management, responsibility, integrity, honesty, collaboration and leadership skills. It inspires you to be yourself and being the best of yourself in your interaction with the world around you, whether it is online or offline.

Etiquette and Manners

It is etiquette and manners normally referred to, as soft skills are essential to master especially in the present-day workplace, and in the corporate business world. Yet, most people do not have them. You have heard numerous stories about sexual harassment in workplaces. Why do such kind of behavior happen? This is where Unique Empowerment comes in to inspire and empower people and organizations to try to be holistic and humane in their daily interactions. It is also about being a lady or a gentleman in life and in business.  Social literacy will inspire and empower you to be yourself and be the best of yourself in your daily interaction with other people and make the world a better place to live, work, and do business for everyone.

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