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An Encounter with an International Movie Star

An Encounter with an International Movie Star

An Encounter With an international Movie Star:
‘’Definitely, Mr. Meck, Is it done?” Being ambitious as a young lady in a limiting environment.
You have to push through boundaries set by gender stereotypes, race, regionalism, and your
fears of success. That is what the story inspires you to do through Rita. She decides to pursue a
career in photojournalism. And later on, works hard to marry her journalism skills to her natural
flair for playing with marketing words by sharpening the copywriting skills that made her
become an influencer marketer of international celebrates. Only those she believed had
something to offer to the world for her company, a media marketing agency that she later
became a partner with shares that afforded her a comfortable lifestyle. Get inspired by her
tenacity and shrewdness in this story.

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One of My Clients by Joy Kenneth

One of My Clients by Joy Kenneth

One of My Clients:
“——– ladies pounding the corridors with the confidence of knowing who they are and what
they are up to in life and business.” If you don’t dream it, you will never achieve it. Amanda
always believed dreams only come true with what you put out into the world. That is what the
story inspires you to do with Amanda as she gets into marketing software products and
programs for Blue Berry as a consultant through workshops and presentations for adoption and
later on purchasing and installation. She needed to be well-heeled in everything tech for being
a consultant for her prospects and clients to appreciate the benefits of what she was offering
them. We see her nailing it to the core in this short story.

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Personal Branding Dream & Create: How To Brand Yourself

Personal Branding Dream & Create: How To Brand Yourself

Personal Branding Guidelines:
This Personal Branding Guide is all about you and your self-identity as a brand. Your identity is what you
should wake up to every day. Understanding yourself will give you the power to be yourself and be the
best of yourself in doing anything in life and business. You cannot be the best that you can be in the
world without really establishing who you are. Therefore, personal branding will help strengthen your
brand identity based non your purpose and value in life and business and not allow yourself to be
counterfeit or copycat and get swallowed. You should rise and be yourself. Be you and do you!

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PJK Web Content Creation Questionnaire Tool

PJK Web Content Creation Questionnaire Tool

Web Content Creation Information Collection Questionnaire Tool:
As a freelance writer, content creator, copywriter, and marketer, getting the scope of your
client’s business concept for creating brand awareness content can be overwhelming without a
clear picture of its vision and mission. That can translate into the purpose and value statement
to lead you into the whole scope of what they are trying to do and start the conversation in
crafting the messages in your content. This questionnaire tool will help you in that process and
establish you as a brand consultant for your clients in every project they might want you to do
for them. It will help promote rapport with your clients and guide you in creating the kind of
brand they want you to present to the world for their business. So be a brand consultant, not
just a content creator.

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The Art of Simple Living

The Art of Simple Living

No book! has ever explored and captured the essence of life and living in the present day world than The Art of Simple Living. For remember, life is not always about making money and getting lots of it, but working smart and enjoying being creative in making money and spending it by living a simple, creative and fulfilling life. This handbook may only take a short time to read, yet the effects of its insightful nuggets of information can last a lifetime for any reader who wants to live a fulfilling life.The Art of Simple Living is a neatly presented, handy guide that can add glamour to your coffee table. You can read it to friends when entertaining, you can get it as a present for friends and relatives.This beautiful handbook with its simple, artistic, handwritten appearance will inspire you to be yourself and being the best of yourself in life, at work, and in business. It will empower you to live a simple and easy life; a life that is full of joy, freedom to explore and appreciate who you are, what you are and what you can do with your life. It will inspire and empower you to embrace the essence of life and living a fulfilling life.

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