Business & Digital Literacy

April 6, 2019
Unique Visionary Empowermemt

The present-day world is a world of technology. Any person in any Organisation needs the basic technological skills of not only being able to access, read, analyze, and evaluate information but also the digital literacy that will allow you to compose and send information via any digital tool through any digital platform. Digital literacy is like a passport or license to explore the unchartered global territories. Any company that is operating without a well designed, developed and active website has not yet grasped the importance of digital literacy and appreciation of technology. There is no company or organization these days that can operate without any digital tool like a computer, laptop or cellphone.  Therefore, you need basic digital skills at any workplace. You need to access, find, evaluate, use and create information to communicate with others via any digital platform. You also need to basic skills in Digital marketing. However, technology in wrong hands has cost many their jobs, reputation, integrity, dignity, and sanity. This is where we come in as an organization to empower people with the holistic way of using technology.

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