Business Literacy in Entrepreneurship:

At Holistic Literacy Empowerment, we know as an entrepreneur, your vision can never be clear without basic business literacy. The present-day world is a world of entrepreneurship, and business enterprises, whether as small, scalable startups, big corporate companies, or Social NGOs, need to understand that business is about holistically and humanely serving and contributing to making the world a better place to live, learn, work and do business. That can only be possible through applying the Holistic Think Model principles that emphasize human-centric principles of serving and providing service above self.

What is Business Literacy?

Business literacy is the ability to conceptualize business ideas, the context, and rate their viability and value in the market and their potential for sustainable growth in the digital economy. It is to understand the entrepreneurial business principles that enable you as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer to think in an entrepreneurial way that makes it creative and innovative to navigate the present-day business world without fear but with clarity and confidence in pursuing your dreams. That is where Holistic Literacy Empowerment comes in as an organization to inspire and empower people and organizations to be unique and visionary through adopting our Holistic Think Model in business as an entrepreneur. Here are the basic terms you should start with in your entrepreneurial journey.

Business Idea

It is the business concept based on a spotted gap in the market or a problem identified in society you can define as a need and a solution for a targetable market. Your life and business are the sources of business ideas. That means you can look at life challenges, gaps in the market, life experiences, aspirations, and desires. Some entrepreneurs explore disruptive opportunities to do away with traditional systems. You can also research business ideas on the Internet. Your passion and desire to achieve great things can also be the source of business ideas. You can also get ideas from nature and history inspiration. The best way to rich novel ideas is to be observant, creative and critical thinking, and curious about your surroundings. That needs a high level of imagining possibilities.


That is the creative and innovative outlook of doing business in the digital economy. It is the creative power to spot gaps in the market and turn them into sustainable business empires. It is the ability to turn problems and pain points into solutions that people are willing to pay for in the market. Value creation mindset is the defining characteristic of entrepreneurship in the global digital economy. Business Literacy will help you to create businesses that seek to serve and be of service above self. At Holistic Literacy Empowerment, we inspire and empower you as an entrepreneur to create business enterprises that promote health, success, and happiness, not just making a profit and making money but achieving the higher purpose of making the world a better place to live, learn, work and do business for everyone. That is being innovative and humane in your business approach to promoting holistic entrepreneurship.

Business Plan

It is the roadmap for your business execution strategies. That should not be a thesis-like presentation. But just guidelines that show the big picture of your business idea and its conceptualization. Your business plan as an entrepreneur should not be that thesis-like document that no one can read and envision the big picture of your vision. The mission should be the guideline and the pull and push factor to activate your business plan into action. Remember, mission statement is the what and how of your business execution. Like, what to do and how to do it to achieve business goals and objectives for building your business.

Business Model

The business model can be product or service based. It is like what type of business you are into, its purpose or higher purpose. And how holistic is it to fulfill its holistic mission of making the world a better place to live? Its vision must be clear to all concerned parties. Business enterprises in the present-day world should model working smart to make the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business. It should seek to fulfill a deeper purpose than just making a profit and making money. Most present-day entrepreneurs are learning and practicing Holistic entrepreneurship to strive and thrive in creating value for the benefit of all concerned and thus making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business for everyone.

Business Strategy

It is the framework of strategies for the business processes and operations that will help the business achieve success in the market. It identifies and clarifies what products and services to create and bring to the market. And how to market and distribute them to reach the target market. That helps in identifying the target market and the buyer persona. Your business model should enable systematic connection of all the dots of your business processes and operations for the strategic execution of business goals.

There we are, guys. Hoping this gives you an introductory feel of your journey to being an entrepreneur in the global digital world. Jack Ma highlights in most of his presentations that β€˜β€™It is not technology that creates businesses; but innovative human beings that create and build successful businesses guided by wisdom and knowledge and appropriate human emotions.’’ So, be humane and create a human-centric business through our business literacy skills based on the Holistic Think Model principles.


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