The Importance of Emotional Literacy in Business

At Holistic Literacy Empowerment Hub, we believe that as an entrepreneur, you cannot serve people with a holistic and humane sense of responsibility if you don’t have empathy and identify with their situations or circumstances. Emotional intelligence was never a well-explored subject in the Industrial Revolution that believed in traditional models in life and business. In the present entrepreneurial business landscape, experts in emotional intelligence like Daniel Goleman relate it closely to the present-day world situation where the psychological effects of toxic workplaces are news junk.  

Traditional business mindset has never allowed and created any room for emotional literacy for transparency in dealing with clients or employees with a holistic and humane approach to help develop emotional intelligence in dealing with people, especially your employees, clients, and stakeholders. Surely you do not like to be that bossy boss devoid of human feelings and emotions? I mean a cold-blooded kind of boss who hardly sympathizes and empathizes with people you are supposed to serve and be of service. 

What is Emotional Literacy?

Emotional literacy is Emotional Intelligence. It refers to the ability to understand, use, and manage your actions to relieve stress, communicate effectively with calmness, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict with no drama or flaring temperament. That is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one’s emotions and those of others. Both in life and business, challenges can come. And as an entrepreneur, you need to know how to control your emotions and other people’s emotions. So, emotional literacy will make you aware of how best to do so without ruining your personality, integrity, and reputation for business and personal branding. 


It is a harsh world we live in, and most people overlook other people’s emotions from their actions. Empathy comes from understanding how other people feel and being relatable to their circumstances to you as a being. In a tech-dominated business landscape and fast-paced world, emotional intelligence can be interfered with, so you become immune to feeling for other people’s situations and circumstances. So, emotional literacy will make you aware and conscious of their emotional needs to overcome the sad situations they might be going through and experiencing.

Empathy is feeling for other people and putting yourself in their situation and circumstances to arouse that caring spirit and trying to help them without expecting anything in return or as a stunt to garner attention as in some philanthropists. Empathy guided by emotional literacy is quiet and done in the secrecy of your social status to the receiver. It also makes you open-minded to value other people’s perspectives in life and business.


It is having the emotional literacy to feel pity for other people without despising them. Aroused with emotional literacy, it will make you go deep into how people come to be what you see and how you can avoid similar situations for yourself and others. It could be situations of seeing homeless people around you or a teenage pregnant mother in the street. Without emotional literacy, you might overlook such sad situations and circumstances. As a holistic entrepreneur, your civic literacy must come in handy and help you research and design solutions for providing value and alleviating such situations and circumstances in your community. That way contributes to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business. 


It is an expression of kindness, concern, and consideration with well-guarded and guided emotions, and emotional literacy helps in knowing how it feels to be in a similar situation. It is the ability to have some emotional sense of putting yourself in other people’s shoes and seeing how it feels and how you can help them. In your business pursuits, it won’t be solely for your good but for the good of other people around you. That is emotional literacy through being considerate, kind, and concerned about others. As an entrepreneur, you will understand that business pursuits should not be solely self-centered. But service above self in providing solutions and uplifting other people’s lives.  


Remember the passion of Christ as biblically demonstrated when Jesus demonstrated his deep love for you and me. I mean, if you believe in God. The emotional intelligence of wanting to die to serve others is as good as being able to read the emotional gaps of other people and how you can fulfill them through your services and products. Most successful entrepreneurs are caring and emotional literate as they have the emotional intelligence to understand themselves deeply and hardly tolerate being used by anyone to safeguard themselves from misuse by others.

That is why most of them also end up having excellent leadership qualities. You can think of international examples like Elon Must, Jack Ma, and Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs. And many others in your community you find as passionate and dedicated to their cause as Jesus did. That was emotional literacy and intelligence at its best demonstrated and performed biblically.

Disclaimer: Note here that we base most of our posts on our experiences as human beings existing in a fast-changing world where we feel you should uphold Holistic Think Model principles and contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business.


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