Civic Literacy as an Entrepreneur in the Digital Global World

At Holistic Literacy Empowerment Hub, we believe in holistic literacy. That means being literate in all aspects of life that make you a fully developed being who understands yourself in the complete context of being a human being who can think and solve problems and create solutions for themselves and other people around them, especially as an entrepreneur. That means being civil in all your dealings as a conscious citizen and civil servant in an entrepreneurial context. That seeks to serve and be of service in any business industry you might choose to explore and pursue opportunities.

Why Civic Literacy in Entrepreneurship? 

You might be working hard and smart for impact and influence with your business venture, but being a full participant in what goes on in your community, society, and the world needs basic civic literacy. That will boost your understanding of yourself as an entrepreneur in the context of what goes around you in the civic world. I grew up noticing why most people are not active participants in anything progressive in their communities, societies, and the world around them.

 I realized it was due to a lack of exposure to civic lifestyle activities like sports, clubs, recreational facilities, volunteer organizations, social welfare, orphanages, and old age homes. No one teaches the role of these organizations in our communities, society, and the world. Yet, they are the civil ways one could play a holistic and humane role in their community, nation, and the world. That is why we feel Civic literacy will inspire and empower you to be aware of the role you can play in your community and society as an entrepreneur with some deep consciousness and sense of compassion, empathy, and love for the disadvantaged people around you.

However, most entrepreneurs are not aware of this. And it is not your fault that you are not aware of this. Schools and colleges do not holistically teach us these areas of responsibility to be conscious citizens. They teach prescribed rote learning curricula that hardly relate to community and societal needs that contribute to identifying problems and creating solutions. Rote learning of academic facts is not holistic enough to make you understand the other parts of our society that help you be conscious of what you can do and participate fully in the civic world and contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business.

What is Civic Literacy?

That is the knowledge and skills needed to participate in civic activities that raise your conscience and awareness of humanity and how best you should safeguard it for the good of everyone concerned. It arouses your sense of initiating changes in how you could participate in life-changing activities for the best of everyone concerned. You develop a democratic sense and awareness of how society functions for the good of everyone concerned. That way, be conscious of how you can participate in your society to make better things happen for the good of everyone concerned.

Through Civic literacy, you develop empathy and compassion for committing yourself to special causes in your community and society. You become conscious of the value of a democratic society as an entrepreneur. That will help establish business entities that are not selfish but holistic and humane enough to be of service above self. That will inspire and empower you to feel fulfilled with the role you play in contributing to creating a better world for the good of everyone concerned.

Being an Active Citizen in Society

Being an entrepreneur is a responsibility. In Holistic Literacy Empowerment, holistic entrepreneurship means you also have to be an active citizen in your society that should bring and instill some deep sense of social responsibility of what you can do to make positive contributions in your niche and industry through Holistic Model Principles. That embodies understanding your responsibility and the significance of active citizenship, civil rights, social justice, and ethical decision-making.

That will inspire and empower you to remain holistic and humane in your business dealings to benefit everyone concerned and contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business. It will also empower you to have literacy in civics knowledge, citizenship, and skills related to citizenship for full participation in civil society as a responsible citizen, like learning to give and volunteer wherever possible with your lifestyle and schedules.

Civic Literacy for Entrepreneurs

Civic literacy helps to raise some sense of responsibility and awareness of identifying problems in society and seeing how you can initiate change and the ability to collaborate to create peaceful change. And that will help to improve lives just like what you aim for in your entrepreneurial project. However, at the civic level, it can be more at the community level, like volunteering to take local children to the library on Fridays to promote a Culture of Reading in the community. However, it can be challenging in some communities where facilities like these have always been for a privileged few. That is why it demands a lot of communication and collaboration skills to make things happen, bring change, and improve society and the world for the benefit of everyone concerned. So, keep yourself in the know of your community through civic literacy.

As an entrepreneur in the present-day digital world, it’s time to expose yourself to all the literacy skills explored in this blog and enjoy your entrepreneurial lifestyle journey with limited regrets of existing in the unknown. Keep yourself in the know by being literate in all the basics of life and business in the present digital global world. That will help to develop a holistic mindset of being a global citizen who can fit anywhere in the world and contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business.


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