How to Travel Without a Budget:

I have always liked the month of October with its way of bringing this nostalgic and romantic feeling and mood of traveling to new hidden places for refreshing and relaxation. It brings in the refreshing atmosphere of fresh green natural vegetation, trees, and shrubs. Most nomads and romantics like me always find it fascinating to travel for relaxation and reflection on a zero budget. Maybe it is because of the spring and summer rhythm. And the mood it brings from the beautiful blooming flowers and the natural green vegetation sprouting with fresh tender leaves and promising nothing else but a refreshing recovery from the hard-biting colds of the winter season.

Traveling in the spring-summer season of any country is refreshing and full of anticipation, especially if it is going to be something by the seaside beaches like the Hawaii beach. Nothing is as nostalgic as spring and summer fashion on the sunset beaches of an exotic island. But to most people like myself in the developing world, it can be an impossible dream on a zero-budget lifestyle. If you are like me, forever dreaming of such holidays, I have your back well covered with plan B to keep your traveling and tourism literacy leveled locally at home. Appreciation and love of traveling can always start with local excursions and trips and learning to venture out of your comfort zone for adventure and enjoyment.

Travelling and Tourism literacy is about appreciating having breaks and outings for relaxation that exposes you to refreshing environments that take you away from your daily routine. Due to a lack of travel and tourism literacy skills in life, people always associate traveling with long trips far from home. Yet the bottom line is traveling for relaxation and reflection, where you seek recovery of your senses with little clutter far from your usual daily routine. So, how can you create opportunities for such outings for relaxation and refreshing? Here I explore local places of interest where you can relax and refresh with little or zero budget in your wallet.

Art Galleries

Art galleries can be a combination of art and historical artifacts. That is being an art gallery and a museum in one setting. They also can be specified as either art gallery or art museum or a combination as mentioned. Like the Museum of Modern Art. These will quench your curiosity about the past and present issues that affect us as human folks. You can openly converse with the artist themselves, and they will tell you rich tales of their own lives and why they are into artwork. Nothing is as refreshing and relaxing as dropping a tear or two when you walk around a gallery viewing evocative art pieces that touches your emotions for empathy and compassion for inhuman issues in our societies. Art galleries are places of value that will make you think twice about how you can contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work and do business. Like any place of interest, they can also be fun, educational, and inspiring by stimulating us to feel better and rejuvenated in our mental well-being.


Museums like Art galleries can be a combination of historical artifacts and Art pieces. That is being a Museum and an Art gallery in one setting. However, they can also be specified as either art gallery or art museum or a combination as above. Like the Louvre in France. As public institutes for the preservation of cultural, artistic, historical, and scientific artifacts, museums have always been places to visit to enrich yourself with historical facts of long-forgotten events that still haunt the present and will continue to haunt the future.  Visiting a museum is like a conversation about where you come from and perhaps where you are going, especially with our societies facing issues like poverty, inequalities, intolerance, and discrimination. Museums help us understand and debate these issues.

A visit to a museum might awaken these realities around you. And feel like challenging these concerns with questions from the haunting history of your existence. And that of others in other communities. That way, leaving you with a conscious sense of the responsibility of how you can contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work and do business for everyone.

Flea Markets

Flea Markets are refreshing and relaxing from getting lost and buried in antique and second-hand items in any form. There is hardly anything you can’t find at any well-established flea market. Moving around and viewing all the antique and second-hand items can be therapeutic and healing. You can find vintage clothes, designer dresses, pants, and shirts in different styles and antique household treasures like furniture pieces and kitchenware that capture the nostalgic memories of your beloved aunts. That is if they were ever aesthetic enough to be collectors of such items.

 Most household pieces can be so old they can easily send you back to the ancient paths of life. That you never lived but vividly reflected in most items at some long-established flea markets like the Les Puces de Saint Quen in Paris, which has always been a home for vintage lifestyle, where they believe antique items age like fine wine. The older they become, the more precious the items become.

The First Monday Canton and the Brimfield in Massachusetts are just examples of how big and fascinating flea markets can be. There are so many flea markets. Almost every town has its flea market. Here I only mentioned a few for their worldly fame and vintage taste in what you find in most stalls. The refreshing and relaxing feel comes from their outdoor setting in the open air that allows free and slow movements of many visitors. You only need to look around for those nearer home and have some taste of what it feels like to visit one for refreshing and relaxing, far away from your daily routines.

Botanic gardens

Appreciation of nature in its natural form is refreshing and healing. That is why botanical gardens are worthy spaces for some refreshing whiff of fresh botanical plants, flowers, and herbal species. Like the Singapore Botanic Gardens. A visit to a botanical garden would be like enriching yourself with all the scientific names of most plant species. They are refreshing public green spaces for capturing the aesthetic sense of valuing, caring for, and protecting local plant species. You can see and learn about plants you might have never known.

That way, arousing some sense of consciousness in protecting plants around your home or in your permaculture garden by having some awareness of biodiversity and learning to see how plants are protected and preserved. And how they need protection to maintain balance in the ecosystem. That knowledge from visiting a botanical garden is rewarding for a mindset change in holiday making and what it means to go for a holiday. It is not about long flights in a plane. But an excursion locally can always leave you with a new perspective of your local places of interest and tourism centers that are worth visiting for relaxing and refreshing.  

For balance and global reach in my blog, I only chose places of interest that are internationally known and representative of the global world we now live in due to technology for global transformation. Hoping you find this interesting and support my blog. Your support of any kind would be deeply appreciated.


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