The Impact of the One-Room Apartment Concept on the Global Property Market:

The One Room apartment concept has the power to grow into a strong brand as downsizing and minimalism are fast catching up with the whole world, especially for single people, divorced or separated. In areas like urban centers, especially metropolitan centers with many young people in need of accommodation, the one-room apartment services come in handy for most young people who can hardly afford luxurious condos during their time in surrounding city centers. Singlehood lifestyle is also rising, with many young adults and seniors choosing to live alone and do their own thing in their small private spaces.

If you are in the Real Estate Industry, be warned but don’t panic. Adopt a holistic and humane mindset in your business services. Do not allow threats of any recession pull you down. Understanding the market needs is the best solution. The concept of Small Houses and Living Large in small spaces is a movement that is shaking the property industry to the realities of the present-day global world. So inspiring and empowering your clients to think creatively and provide your clients with small spaces that they can afford and learn to live large in small spaces would reduce any panics in the Property Industry. Here are the five factors that are contributing to the fast-growing concept of Living Large in small spaces and Small Housing projects.

Economic Uncertainties:

 Here is the thing, life is all about adjusting and making the best of what you can afford and enjoying the process. Due to the pandemic and economic uncertainties, the demand for smaller affordable rental rates remains high. Most tenants would even prefer to share a two bed-roomed apartment to reduce rental costs. Everyone needs a safe and secure roof above their head. No one in the property industry has ever done it, as explored in this blog.

The one-room apartment accommodation service is not only the best service for young people. But it is also the best accommodation service for the young and single adult baby boomers. With affordability becoming a priority and top of mind having an affordable room and roof that is safe and secure from all the cares of the world is a basic need for everyone based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Singlehood Lifestyles

That is what drives and directs most minimalist lifestyle promoters and real estate companies. They have realized it as an opportunity to fulfilling their vision and mission of satisfying the accommodation needs of their clients without making them feel their zero-budget lifestyle. That is proving to be a good fit for those real estate agents whose demography of their clientele base is mainly students, single, divorced, or separated adults.

It is not just about renting. It is also about finding an affordable place you feel comfortable with a homely atmosphere of other people in the neighborhood. The one-room apartment concept provided by some creative and renovative real estate agents is not just about renting and selling properties. It is to satisfy the needs and interests of the clients by providing them with more affordable accommodation that suits their budgets and their singlehood lifestyle. The one-room apartment services coincide with the current global movement of Living large in small houses and spaces taking the whole world by storm, especially in European states like California, and slowly trickling into other regions like Africa. It is an innovative way of solving the accommodation problems urban areas are experiencing worldwide with the rise of singlehood lifestyles.

High Cost of Living

That is a sustainable lifestyle to cut costs for students, single, divorced, or separated adults, and those who can hardly afford a standalone home. The one-room apartment property is a better solution and strategy for the challenges in decent accommodation for everyone that most city planners in urban development are facing. This living large, in small spaces concept, can never have come at better times than when everything is changing, and more people rethink minimalism and living purposeful lives that the one-room apartment services are embracing and putting into practice.

There is no better way to offer clients more value and convenience in one go. Any business that puts the needs and pains of its clients at the forefront is bound to soar and win, especially in the present-day world where most traditional business is failing to adjust to meet the needs and solve their client’s problems.

Digital Nomadic Lifestyle

The world is fast evolving with more flexible workplaces, where people choose where and how they want to work and stay. It is now the new normal that most people are choosing a nomadic lifestyle. That makes the one-room apartment lifestyle a better option and solution for the needs of most digital nomads. This lifestyle has become huge with the advent of freelancing opportunities, where most freelancers choose to work where and how they want to work and with who they want to work.

Therefore, most freelancers hardly seek to stay luxuriously but are minimalistic to suit their pockets. That affords them a minimalistic style that does not need heavy shopping of many gadgets but just a few essential items and some simple space to get lost with their digital assignments and projects. Therefore, the minimalist lifestyle of a one-room apartment is highly in demand by most digital nomads.

Virtual Services Mode

  Though most people seem to be running away from big cities, the demand for more affordable accommodation will remain high and insatiable. The one-room apartment accommodation service targeting students and millennials through virtual services is growing. The online servicing mode brought about by the pandemic ordeal makes their services attractive and stress-free to their clients, especially the young ones and the enlightened virtual conscious senior looking for opportunities for downsizing or relocating to healthier and refreshing locations for relaxation and isolation for peace and tranquility in their twilight years.      

Whether it is viewing rentals or sales or management services, you can easily do it online. That improves opportunities in reaching out to market both locally and abroad. That is a reality those companies in real estate must wake up to and consider joining in support of the living large in small spaces concept. Are you interested in the Living large in small space concept as an Estate Agent? If you are, get in touch and support this concept here on our page.


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