How To Guide Your Child to Be Creative and Develop a Creative Mindset:

A well-nurtured and natured child who grows to be creative, flexible, and innovative is a pleasure to stay with and a blessing to see them grow into a responsible and independent adult. As a teacher and parent, I know how an idle mind can be a devil’s workshop, and idle hands are the devil’s explosive tools.

So, why let yourself or your child develop an idle mind and hands? This blog will explore how to guide your child to be creative on how best they should use their mind, hands, and time in a productive way. That will help in raising a child who is a creative thinker who suits the present-day age of information and knowledge.

You have heard most parents shouting at their children because they are a nuisance around you, which is a sure sign of a lack of creativity in their mindset. Maybe, you have never exposed them to being creative and keeping themselves busy around the home. Whose fault could that be? Most of the time, these children never see you as a parent preoccupied with doing something creative around the house after work or during the weekend. So, let’s set the pace together. Here is how best you can guide yourself and your child to develop a creative mindset.

Exposure to Creative Products:

Whether it is fashion, cooking, designing, or art, a child can only realize they are created by a being like them, only when you expose them to how they are made by people and come to be consumed by people. The creative juices of wanting to see your child designing their outfit will never be far-fetched as they will grow to understand that clothes are designed and sewn by man. If you create something for them, they will not avoid putting it on with a shallow mindset of wanting something from the shop. For you would have made them grow to appreciate how people can create clothes. Crafts centers are places where you can take your child to have their creative mindset and their creative juices inspired and salivate to try it on their stuff when the time comes and allow.

Keeping a Journal

Nothing opens the mind more than appreciating new ideas. Jotting any new ideas and words that appeal to your senses is the beginning of wisdom in learning to create your ideas. And use your own words in writing and presentations. Your child will grow to know how to borrow other people’s ideas. And compose their original ideas by developing and practicing an innovative mindset and approach in life. Even if they start a business one day, they will not just copy and duplicate business ideas. But innovate and create a better business.

 Keeping a journal is like having a friend who is always there when you find something fascinating to share. When you are reading, it makes you more alert to note any new ideas and words that you see interesting and of value. So, set the pace for your child by keeping a journal and getting one for your child.

Encourage Open-mindedness

An open mind is a curious mind that can easily absorb information and knowledge that helps develop a creative mindset. I remember growing up, always told to shut up and accused of being too inquiring for a child. Those parents of the 19th century never allowed children to be free-minded with a guarded heart and soul. I never stopped asking, and my mom saw me as stubborn, and all negative connotations resulted in me being a misfit and black sheep in the family with all my mom’s close connections and relatives. That is killing the spirit of a growing child and shutting out the blessings of opening up their creative and imaginative mind. Open-mindedness will inspire and empower a child’s vibrant imagination and potential.

 That is why I am writing this to you as a parent that you should not do that to your child or children, for it shuts them out from being open-minded with you. Fortunately, you are reading this on this platform. Hoping it will inspire and empower you to raise your child and children with an open mind and heart and allow them to develop the same kind of open-mindedness to explore the creative world of ideas around them.

 Leisure Time Outings

Appreciation of leisure time and excursions for exploring new and unique creatives is a strong foundation for developing an artistic and creative mind, especially some introduction and exposure to nature, art, music, art, and drama. It is the best way to learn to appreciate nature and anything that can make you grasp fresh air with the realization of its wonderful creation and presence. Remember, man’s creativity is a way of expressing how God created them with that ability to look at something and recreate it in another form that appeals to your senses and emotions.

 So, never underestimate the power of any man’s creative works in art, music, drama, and painting. Introducing your child to explore and appreciate such refreshing excursions and exhibitions is helping them to grow with a creative mindset of exploring and exploiting their talent and skills. When you do this, I never say you need to have money to buy artifacts, no. Here it is just exposing your child to appreciate creative works. That will open their mind to being creative and productive with their leisure time.

Develop Aesthetic Sense

 Creativity is the power to express the aesthetic sense of beauty in life and business. Developing aesthetic sense will help in how they look after themselves, grooming and style with that uniqueness of not copying what everyone is doing. That builds character and makes them strong not to drown in noisy crowds.

It will also help in caring about their surroundings in a creative sense of wanting refreshing beauty around them. Like greening their surrounding and making sure it is tidy. There is always an outcry from children who hardly tidy up their rooms. The culprit of all this is a lack of development in the aesthetic sense.

 Most of our schools have no time to teach this. Most children even find it hard to realize the importance of using bins as discipline and responsibility around the home. It is not laziness or lack of knowledge of it all. A creative mindset is a responsible and disciplined mind. So, your child needs to grow to be a creative thinker to know what they can do around the home.

It is a mindset change and development that needs to improve to push depressing boundaries that surround them as they grow to be independent. That is why I am sharing this with you as a twenty-first-century mom. Raise your child to think, reason, and be creative with their surroundings. Don’t shut their mind from exploring their creativity in a world fast becoming nothing but a space for exploring creativeness and innovation. Check this Inspirational Kids Calendar you can use as an inspiration to guide your child.

Thanks for reading. You can also leave a dollar for appreciating these ideas I am sharing to further our cause in our holistic and humane purpose of making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business in the Digital Global World.


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