Holistic Literacy as the Basis for Personal Development to Create and Earn in the Digital Economy:

Reading has always been the basis for getting knowledge and information. As all economic activities shift to digitization in life and business, Holistic literacy Skills are necessary and an answer to open your mind to the world around you and how you can change your mindset to suit the digital rhythm of today’s world in life and business. The internet is the gateway to thriving in the Digital Economy. How you acquire your literacy skills and use them to access knowledge and information largely depends on your literacy skills and whether they are relevant to your talent, skills, and passion. Relevant Holistic Literacy skills will inspire and empower you to explore your talent and skills to create solutions and earn a living. The basis is the ability to access knowledge and information and develop the creative power to apply it in your life and business. So, in this blog, I will explore Reading skills as the basis for accessing knowledge and information in the present-day digital world.

How to Access Knowledge:

Holistic literacy is just about accessing and exposure to practical and functional knowledge that can transform your mindset to be creative, innovative, holistic, and humane in life and business. It is about having general knowledge about everything around you and finding your way through exploring your talents and skills in line with your passion and drive in life and business. That enables you the creative power to turn your knowledge to produce new ideas, solutions, and better strategies from fresh perspectives in life and business.


 Reading and understanding facts and information is the gateway to knowing about different aspects of life. Knowledge is power and the basis for success in the looming economic shifts that are already affecting the whole business landscape by storm. You can only get wealthy if you are willing to learn new stuff like digital literacy in technology. You need to invest in your knowledge and upskilling yourself to level up your abilities and capabilities in any digital space like digital marketplaces, social media platforms, blogs, vlogs, eCommerce, and many more. The foundation is basic knowledge of technological instructions and appreciation of technology applications. You can do that through reading with an open mind to embrace new ideas that are practical and relevant to today’s creative economy.

Like here, without bragging, I am thankful to  Digital Garage  for giving me that basic understanding of everything that gives me the confidence to share with you here. So, never overlook the importance of being literate and be open-minded to invest in yourself, and embrace practical and functional short courses like this one here. All you need is to increase your knowledge for creativity and innovation in your dreams and aspirations in life and business.

How Reading Helps You in Entrepreneurship:


It is now a knowledge-based economy based on accessing information and seeing how best you can monetize it in promoting your business and branding yourself to wealth for generational blessings. Every business venture in today’s world is data and information based. Meaningful data, not the pornographic spamming images I always witness in my comments box on this site. Those spam comments promoting pornographic images signify digital literacy in its most misconstrued sense of creating a better world. Pornographic image spamming is not creative. So, read and open your mind to better more creative and meaningful ideas for successful entrepreneurship.


Knowledge boosts your confidence and shapes your personality in how you interact with other people with clarity for a good impression of what you know and how you can help them in this ever-changing world. So, it boosts confidence and social skills for personal development and general well-being. Reading will boost your confidence to read and expose yourself to practical business ideas you can read and implement with no barriers from understanding how to go about it and putting everything into practice and start earning from your startup. It will also boost your confidence in exploring new opportunities aligned with your talent and skills to fulfill your passions in life and business.


 Reading exposes you to new ideas and perspectives that can change your mind set about yourself, your dreams, and the world around you. It can help with exposure to views on entrepreneurship, how you can practice it, and how you might want to do it holistically and humanly. Like in this blog, you can see how we emphasize being creative, innovative, holistic, and human with the drive to create a better world to live, learn, work and do business. Learning new things through reading enriches your mind and boosts your reasoning power to look at stuff with a deeper analysis of facts and a balanced view. It stimulates your brain activity and makes you smarter.

What to Read and How?

Read any printed or digitized reading material. Google Amazon for books like mine; ‘The Art of Simple Living’ or Inspirational Business Romance short stories here. Choose the best strategy that suits your lifestyle and what you can handle. Do not be generic in your approach to reading. Like, as generic beliefs of reading like Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, or whoever you read or can cite as examples and role models of successful entrepreneurs. Just read like yourself and enjoy increasing your knowledge and creativity in life and business. For more confidence in all the Holistic Literacy & Learning Skills. Consider buying the whole course, which is an investment for a total transformation in your approach to literacy and learning in life and business in the Digital World.

Thanks for reading. Hoping you find this post inspiring in your Holistic Literacy journey that will empower you as an aspiring or established entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, or startup CEO.


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