Literacy in Life and Business in the Digital World

Literacy has come to mean more than just the ability to read and write text. It has evolved into being able to read and write screen text. Just as now commonly observed and believed that, in the present-day world, if anyone cannot read and write any screen text, whether it is a newspaper or blogpost, they are illiterate. Literacy has evolved more into digital literacy. However, basic literacy is the strong foundation for any modern literacies that all individuals are expected to master for them to be fully functional in the present-day digital world. These literacies are the curriculum highlights of Holistic Literacy Academy. Holistic literacy is all about learning how to learn for practical and functional knowledge and skills, and best of all is learning how to unlearn the traditional way of learning, which was basically text-based, and not practical and functional enough to promote creativity and innovation in individuals. One popular and valued, creative entrepreneur, Chris Do in his YouTube Video, quoted Alvin Toffler, saying, “The illiterate of the 21st Century, will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.’’ This implies continuous literacy and learning of new practical and functional knowledge and skills in the present-day digital and knowledge economy.

Holistic Literacy is life-long learning and understanding of the essence and meaning of life and how best one can interact with information and knowledge in the present-day digital world. Any literate individual should never stop learning for learning does not end, especially in life. A progressive mind constantly needs exposure to information and knowledge and this can only happen if you expose yourself to some relevant course material that you can study and appreciate to advance your understanding of the world and expand your knowledge about life. You can only do this through investing yourself in practical learning and interaction with appropriate textual and electronic resources and facilities that you can use properly for adding value and advancement of your life and business. Anyone in the present-day world needs a lot of useful and helpful training and coaching material. It is a fact that the greater percentage of human knowledge is from reading, but these days it not just reading that you need, but practical and functional knowledge therefore, you need functional literacy skills that can expose you to data and information that is of value and importance for your own personal development in life and business in the digital world.

  • I have witnessed how some young people and adults as well get stuck on what subjects to study and careers to pursue due to lack of exposure to appropriate information. So how best can you expose yourself to proper tutoring and coaching for wide career choice. Basically, the following will help.
  • Expose yourself to current job opportunity trends and be clear with what they expect as requirements to fit in and access relevant courses online.
  • Choose practical and functional courses that equip you with creative skills that open your mind to utilize your talents and skills.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset of diversifying your interests for a wider choice in what you really want to settle for in your life.
  • Learn to appreciate the idea of investing yourself in continuous learning to add value in yourself.
  • Appreciate acquiring practical and functional knowledge and skills that you can easily monetize and translate into value for improving your life and that of other people.

There is a lot of reading material, but do they act loco parentis to the present- day young person? No, not really. Yet as a present-day young person or adult, you need a full transformational exposure to career choices in the digital world . Gone are the days when individuals were limited and tied down to target long practiced career choices such as teaching, nursing, clerical work, and medicine as a doctor. Through practical and functional skills training and coaching, you should realize that there are more digital relevant careers in medicine, production management, engineering, commerce, computers, information technology, marketing, public relations, tourism, and journalism. Furthermore, you can also be an entrepreneur, not just the traditional entrepreneur, but a digital lifestyle entrepreneur to pursue your passion and interests and travel the world without being tied down to a boring and stressful job in an office.

Most young people hardly have helpful adults around them to give them career guidance. They always find themselves fumbling about after school or college. The smart ones always dream of getting degrees and along the way getting caught up in fees expenses and debts. Mostly because they have not been exposed to the knowledge and appreciation of numerous online courses and other self – development programmes. Some, due to failure in appreciating online learning and lack of exposure to practical and functional literacy skills. Through basic literacy and exposure to practical and functional courses, you will be exposed to the right kind of knowledge. These new avenues for learning offer very practical and very relevant programmes. Coaching and transformative learning material enables exposure to information and knowledge from people who have done it well in entrepreneurship and the business world of the present-day digital world. The practice of entrepreneurship is synonymous to creativity, innovation, and freedom in doing what you love and creating value for transforming the world and making money out of it.

Through practical and functional literacy skills you can learn to appreciate the idea of working for yourself and being your own boss. Basic literacy in life can open your mind to understand your hobbies and how you can monetize them with an open and creative mind. Hobbies are a wealthy source of business ideas and career choices. You need to invest in yourself and keep yourself busy with hobbies that will make you realize your talents and skills. This will make you survive and succeed in your business as an employer or at work as an employee. You should always make some effort to invest yourself in learning some enlightening literacy course materials that are current and relevant to the present-day digital and knowledge economy. Remember the world is continuously evolving and change is always inevitable in all industries around the world, so literacy and learning can never remain static and practiced the way it has always been done in schools and colleges. It is time you realize that you cannot continue to resort to text based knowledge in this technological and global world. The basic way to catch up with the pace of global transformation and development is through more practical and functional course materials that promote transformation and personal development in your mindset and exposure to digital career choices and new ways of doing business in the digital global world.

Feeling like upping your game in Practical and Functional Courses, look no further, Holistic Literacy Academy has your basic needs in Literacy in Life and Business! Here.


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