Travel & Tourism Literacy in the Global Village

At Unique Literacy Empowerment, we know that the world has become a global village due to technology. Therefore, any entrepreneur should have basics in travel & tourism literacy. That empowers people with a basic understanding of how to find their way around the world safely and comfortably with limited fear of where they are going. Though the internet can easily show us places around the world while we are seated in our homes, it never beats the global understanding that comes with real-life traveling and touring the world, be it local or abroad, with comprehensive data or information on your safety and comfort. Your experience in traveling and touring should never be a nightmare, especially with the basic literacy skills in traveling and tourism. Therefore, as digital entrepreneurs in the digital world, we feel the basics of Travel and Tourism literacy are necessary for any entrepreneur. Anyone in business would find these basics inspiring and empowering, especially in the present-day digital economy.

What is Travel and Tourism Literacy?

Travel and Tourism literacy is the ability to plan and manage your itinerary with no hustles of where you are going to stay, its safety and location, especially these days, how you are going to get there, what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, its settings, with who and how much you are going to budget. Travel and Tourism literacy will inspire and empower you to access the relevant media or multimedia resources for planning your journey with little hustle. A hustle-free traveling and touring can be enriching and therapeutic and leave anyone with a new perception of themselves and the world around them. It also promotes growth and strength of character in social and business circles.

Why Travel and Tourism Literacy?

 As an entrepreneur or solopreneur, you can never run away from the possibility of yourself wanting to travel in your life for your business activities. So, mastering the basics of literacy in traveling and touring will familiarize you with all the resources you can access to inspire and empower you to enjoy traveling and touring in life and business. That will bring in some sense of safety, security, and comfort with your traveling and tourism literacy skills. We will empower you to appreciate the language of traveling and touring and how it is necessary for holistic entrepreneurship.

 Fear of Travelling and Tourism

Most people have always feared leaving the comfort of their homes and the familiarity of their localities. It has always been like a nightmare, especially when in the real-life planning of the journey. Like; where to stay and how to get there and what to do, and where specifically, not mentioning what to eat and for how much. At Unique Literacy Empowerment, we inspire and empower you to have confidence in understanding the basics of what can make your traveling for business and life easy, affordable, and stress-free. Be it local or abroad.

Our inspirational advice and guidance will inspire and empower you with the fundamental knowledge and literacy in the travel and tourism industry that you can exploit to make your traveling and touring holistic and fulfilling. Here are the main items to get familiar with in planning for traveling for business or touring for relaxation and luxury. This blog will explore; mobile devices, modes of transport, and accommodation services you can consider budgeting for in advance as you plan your journey.


That is a travel document outlining the plan of your route or journey with all details of your mode of transport, destinations, and activities. That is the most common term overlooked by most would-be or beginner travelers. Whether local or long-distance traveling, a well-planned journey or trip is an enjoyable experience that will lessen stress, drama, and budget trauma and ensure your traveling and tour is clear in advance. And you are sure of the route, accommodation, and activities you will follow and take. That puts your mind at rest to be in the right mood to enjoy the journey and the trip.

GPS Application

Losing some sense of direction when traveling when you or someone is driving you is common and can be stressful and scary. The Global Positioning System [GPS] is a handy tool when traveling. That is a navigation and tracking system that you can use on yourself, your car, or your truck for the sense of direction and avoid getting lost, or for monitoring your journey and trip in whatever vehicle you might be using or someone is using far from you. That way, observe the move and the exact location and status of the car for the safety and security of your movements around.

 Airbnb facilities

Accommodation can be challenging and frustrating to choose based on security, safety, and comfort when traveling far from home. Yet this is the most essential part of your traveling and touring that will make your holiday and vacation experience feel like home far away from home. Airbnb is a handy and easily accessible online marketplace for short and long-term homestays and experiences that puts your accommodation needs into the safe and secure hands of the Airbnb company and its partners with no hassles of negotiating with property owners for their properties are already screened, approved and listed as suitable for such kind of services. That way, making you feel homely far from home.

 Uber facilities

I used to squirm with fear of using private taxis back in the 1990s, especially in new and busy cities. It used to be a hassle, especially when you are new in a town and how to get from point A to B. Uber came as a solution and relief from such fears. Now you can easily find yourself in any city where this facility is and feel safe and comfortable to be picked up and dropped to any corner of the city and town without feeling scared of the drivers’ reliability and reputation. The Uber app allows you to hail a trackable ride with car drivers already registered on the platform to use their cars for requested rides.

  Electric trains

 A train journey has always been excellent for viewing when traveling. But with the advancement in technology and other alternative mode of transport, trains are now more localized for urban commuting. These are electric trains that are now mainly powered by electricity. Unlike the old steam engine trains, electric trains are fast and comfortable with less noise vibration pollution giving a better experience for relaxation and the best views. These can make your local trips easy, safer, and enjoyable as a lifestyle entrepreneur in the digital economy. They can be eco-friendly, punctual, affordable, and perfect for solo and group travel. They allow an opportunity for comfortable long trips with limited jet lag.

There we are. It is never too late to tune in to our inspiring traveling and tourism literacy for inspiration and empowerment to travel for life and business as a lifestyle entrepreneur in the digital global world.



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