Holistic Literacy

A closed mind is a shattered mindset, with zero creativity in pursuing dreams to change the world and adopt new ways of doing stuff in life and business. Do you want to stay with a muted mind and voice? You shouldn’t. There is an opportunity for you to become smart with a changed mindset on the whole perception of yourself and the world around you. The idea of just being able to read and write is no longer adequate in the information and knowledge-based economy of the present-day world. It now needs enhancement with something more up-to-date and relevant to the present-day digital economy and lifestyle.

That is where Holistic Literacy Skills come in handy and rescue you from the doldrums of being partially literate to being holistically literate. The present Digital World calls for holistic literacy. Basic literacy is no longer adequate, especially in the present-day world of technology, information, and knowledge-based economy.

Welcome to this blog, where we inspire you and fire your imagination with a creative and innovative approach to lifelong learning, especially as an entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, or business owner, whether small, medium, or large-sized CEO or startup company CEO. Here we share ideas you can use for yourself, with your employees or clients.

The main thrust is to explore how Holistic Literacy skills can help your mindset. And develop creative thinking and critical thinking skills to suit today’s world in life and business. Our drive is to continue making entrepreneurship an exciting journey for everyone capable of dreaming of a better world where everyone can live, learn, work and do business in peace and harmony with the environment and everyone around them. Most of the packaged courses on this site are based on Holistic Think Model principles, as explored in the Holistic Entrepreneurship Guide coming soon.

Holistic literacy in today’s world.

The present-day world needs you to have a holistic perspective of the world around you and a holistic approach to life and living. That will help you keep abreast with information and all the technological and business developments in the digital world. It needs people who understand the world around them in a holistic way.

Therefore, the Holistic Think Model recommends and encourages Holistic Literacy. Which is the most empowering way of understanding the world around you and the role you should play as a person to make the world a better place. It inspires you to have a desire to read, learn, dream and create the life you want. That empowers you to be unique in your approach to life and business and be the best of yourself in doing anything and making the world a better place to live for everyone.

However, this can only happen when one is not just able to read and write but to be able to surf, browse, access, read, analyze, evaluate, sift and utilize information, which is more than just basic literacy. So, all our effort is to inspire and empower people and organizations to be unique in their understanding of life, the global world, and doing business in the present-day world of Digital Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Economy. In Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle Businesses, we recommend the holistic way of looking at literacy with an open mind to new ideas and perspectives. Like these modern literacies, you and organizations should strive to acquire to thrive in the Digital Global World and make the world a better place to live for everyone. Here are the first eight literacies that make up our Holistic Literacy Skill program any entrepreneur needs to equip themselves.

  • Basic Literacy
  • Digital literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Literacy
  • Healthy Literacy
  • Social literacy
  • Travel & Tourism Literacy

The game happens when you realize that entrepreneurship without tapping into the practicality and functionality of what you are doing would mean losing focus on answering the needs and pain points of the target market and what you want them to benefit from your services and products. Focus only happens with an open and critical mindset open to empathy, compassion for your clients, and passion for what you are doing. Literacy beyond books is what Holistic Literacy coaches and instills. It is like believing in being literate in a way that transforms you to be creative and innovative in life and business, not the traditional kind of reading with a closed mind. It is reading to learn and learning to create.


 Holistic Literacy has nothing to do with holistic healing. It is more on helping the mind and soul get inspired and empowered to transform your life by exploring and exploiting your God-given talents and skills and pursuing your passion and dreams of being the best of yourself in doing anything. Once you find any job or project where you use your talents and skills, you can never see it as work or feel overwhelmed, but as joy in celebration of being of service and serving your clients. So, join us in this exciting journey through this blog and the Holistic Literacy Coaching program here and purchase our Holistic Literacy & Learning courses and Functional Literacy Scripts.

Thanks for reading and being part of this site and blog. Feel free to scroll down and across what we do and offer for inspiration and empowerment in the Digital Global World.


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