Holistic Literacy

Holistic Literacy

At Unique Visionary Empowerment we know and believe that the present Digital World calls for holistic literacy since basic literacy, which is just the ability to read and write, is no longer adequate especially in the present-day world of information technology. The present-day world needs people who have a holistic perspective of the world around them and a holistic approach to business, life and living. This will help them to keep abreast with information and all the technological and entrepreneurial business developments in the digital world. It needs people who understand the world around them in a holistic way.

Therefore, at Unique Visionary Empowerment we recommend and encourage Holistic Literacy which is the most empowering way of understanding the world around you and the role you should play as a person in making the world a better place for everyone. This is based on the Holistic Think Model which inspires and empowers you to have a desire to read, learn, dream and create the lifestyle and business model you want and envision guided by our Holistic principles that explore the vision and mission of making life a creative and holistic game and entrepreneurship a creative, innovative and humane game. This inspires and empowers you to be unique and visionary in your approach to life and business by being yourself and being the best of yourself in doing anything and strive in making the world a better place to live for everyone.

However, this can only happen when one is not just able to read and write but to be able to surf, browse, access, read, analyze, evaluate, sift and utilize information, which is more than just basic literacy. So, in our effort to inspire and empower people and organizations to be unique and visionary in their manner of doing business and understanding life in the global world, we recommend looking at literacy in a holistic way like; Basic literacy, Digital literacy, Entrepreneurship & Business literacy, Financial literacy, Life & Healthy literacy, Life & Social literacy and Travel & Tourism literacy. These are the basic literacies people and organizations in today’s world and specifically entrepreneurs should strive to acquire for them to thrive in the Digital Global World. These will inspire and empower anyone to be unique and visionary in business and life and strive in making the world a better place to live for everyone. Here are the six literacies that make up our Holistic Literacy Skills: These holistic literacies will inspire and empower you to be unique and visionary in your life and your entrepreneurial business in today’s digital global world and in establishing lifestyle businesses that are innovative, holistic and humane. Remember, your vision is our mission through Unique Visionary Empowerment with its Holistic Think Model coaching and our content creation services.

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