Life & Health Literacy

At Holistic Literacy Empowerment, we assert that your health is your wealth, so you need basic health literacy in understanding and believing in maintaining your health and how to look after yourself and make your health your wealth. Without your health, you cannot pursue and fulfill your vision in life and business. Health literacy, at its simple basic, is the ability to read pamphlets and successfully make appointments, fill out medical forms, and read prescriptions and nutritional labels to determine the correct dosage and proper timing of medication.

Why Health Literacy?

As an entrepreneur, you can never overlook the ability to read and understand health information and instructions. It helps to comprehend health images, signage, written health information, and dosage instructions in life. Health literacy can also be said to be the ability to access, read, understand, and use the information to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment, especially in the present-day world of many ailments due to poor diets, habits, and unhealthy environments.

Holistic Health

The present-day world is no longer about relying too much on medication but about being literate enough to look after oneself holistically. That is where Holistic Literacy Empowerment as a venture comes in to inspire and empower you to adopt the Holistic Think Model in your everyday life. Health Literacy is critical in equipping and empowering anyone with health information and the ability to use it in the best possible way. Remember, health is the driving force of all achievement and success in life and business.

That is the holistic way of appreciating health literacy because, without your health, every facet of your life comes to a standstill. How best can people and organizations be inspired and empowered with Health literacy? That is where Holistic Literacy Empowerment comes in and works with you as an individual, group, or organization through our Holistic Literacy coaching services based on The Holistic Think Model principles. Here are the five main aspects of your health as an individual that you should care about at home, school, work, in life, and in business.

Mental Health

A healthy mind is a springboard for healthy decision-making in tackling challenges and responsibilities in life and business. Unhealthy foods cause sluggish living and a tired mind. Health literacy means knowing what to eat that keeps you healthy and strong-willed with an active body built. That can withstand challenges in life and business. A sluggish lifestyle does not promote a strong mindset in tackling life challenges and responsibilities. Maintaining mental health means spiritual and intellectual health and strength to handle business and life issues. That means the ability to think deeper with some common sense to gain a profound understanding of the meaning of life and business in today’s world and how best you can help yourself in maintaining mental health for yourself and other people at home, school, college, workplace, and in the world. So, maintain a healthy mental outlook on life and business

Physical Health

 Again, it all starts with your diet, for physical health involves the overall condition of your body and how you look after yourself. That reminds me of the most popular adage; ‘Eat to live and don’t live to eat.’ So, health literacy is all about knowing what to eat and what not to eat to maintain good health. Health illiteracy is dangerous and leads to deadly and costly ignorance that has seen some people failing to get out of their beds due to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles like glutton and bulimia. Health literacy makes you understand the overall condition of your body and how best you should take care of yourself. That involves being conscious of exercising and what it does to your body.

You should maintain your lifestyle choices, body habits, and upkeep. If you do not, it causes havoc with your physical energy, stress levels, and immune system from diseases. You must maintain a balanced diet intake and exercise to maintain physical health. Health literacy helps you to read and understand what you eat and how it helps your physical body. Health literacy empowers you to appreciate all nutrition information, exercise, and a balanced diet.    

Emotional Health

Emotional health contributes to high emotional intelligence, which most psychologists have found to contribute a lot in today’s world, where most organizations face challenges in retaining employees due to stress and dissatisfaction with the demands of their work and expectations at most workplaces, especially in the corporate world. Technology is also contributing to high emotional imbalances in most millennials. So, being health literate enables you to understand what you should avoid in your lifestyle to maintain being emotionally healthy. Health literacy will make you aware that you need to be positive and keep high levels of optimism in life and business.

Emotional wellness means understanding yourself and controlling your emotions towards experiences and how to deal with stress. That will enable balancing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Time management is the number one cause of emotional stress, so literacy in health will inspire you to learn how best to manage your life to avoid stress due to leading a jumbled-up lifestyle without time management. That can be stressful and overwhelming for your general health and performance in life as an entrepreneur in today’s digital world.

Social Health

Health literacy will help to make you understand that you are not an island and that social life is good for the general well-being of your body. And contributes to your physical, mental, and emotional health. So, get active and involved in your social circles. Health literacy will empower you to choose healthy social groups that add value to your life and business. Learn to value your social connections. Make sure you join clubs of people who morally lift you up and of the same dreams and lifestyle as you. Healthy literacy will empower you to have self-esteem and values that give you the power to resist any uncalled-for temptations that might compromise who you are and what you want out of life. Balance your social life with all your responsibilities. Your healthy literacy will empower you to appreciate yourself first and relate yourself to people who challenge you without feeling threatened and trodden on but uplifted to level up your life. Nothing is as healthy as having dreams to chase and believing in your purpose and value in life and business.

Intellectual Health

Being healthy intellectually means your mind is always open to new knowledge and information and how to apply it in your life and business. Nothing can improve your health literacy more than having the power to think and develop your ideas, views, and opinions about your lifestyle. Be it your health and your educational needs that promotes intellectual health and wellness. Intellectual health will enable one to question health practices before indulging in those that might be harmful. It also helps your brain to remain active, critical thinking, and querying medical health facilities around you for the safety and security of yourself and everyone concerned. A learned mind can appreciate new healthy ways of maintaining good health, like gym membership and purpose-driven healthy living like green living and a healthy diet. It makes you stay open-minded to health advice, ideas, insights, thoughts, expressions, and values that uphold healthy living. That will make you appreciate health literacy for easy understanding and adoption of health and well-being practices. That way, optimizing your general health literacy skills at home, school, work, in life, and in business.  


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