Life & Health Literacy

April 6, 2019
Holistic Literacy Coach

At Unique Visionary Empowerment we assert that your health is your wealth, so you need basic health literacy in understanding and believing in how to make your health your wealth. For basically without your health, you cannot pursue and fulfil your vision business and life. Health literacy at its basic is the ability to read pamphlets and successfully make appointments, fill out medical forms, reading prescriptions, nutritional labels and being able to determine correct dosage and proper timing of medication. It also helps in comprehending health images, signage, and written health information in our day-to-day life. Health literacy can also be said to be the ability to access, read, understand and use information in order to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment especially in the present-day world of many ailments due to poor diets, habits and unhealthy environments. The present-day world is no longer about relying too much on medication but being literate enough to look after oneself in a holistic way. This is where Unique Visionary Empowerment as an organization comes in to inspire and empower you to adopt the Holistic Think Model in your everyday life. Health Literacy is critical in inspiring and empowering anyone with health information and the ability to use it in the best possible way. Remember, health is the driving force of all achievement and success in life. That is the holistic way of appreciating health literacy, knowing that without your health every facet of your life comes to a standstill. How best then can people and organizations be inspired and empowered with Health literacy? That is where Unique Visionary Empowerment comes in and work with you as an individual, group or organisation through our life coaching services based on The Holistic Think Model principles.


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