The Art of Simple Living


No book! has ever explored and captured the essence of life and living in the present day world than The Art of Simple Living. For remember, life is not always about making money and getting lots of it, but working smart and enjoying being creative in making money and spending it by living a simple, creative and fulfilling life. This handbook may only take a short time to read, yet the effects of its insightful nuggets of information can last a lifetime for any reader who wants to live a fulfilling life.The Art of Simple Living is a neatly presented, handy guide that can add glamour to your coffee table. You can read it to friends when entertaining, you can get it as a present for friends and relatives.This beautiful handbook with its simple, artistic, handwritten appearance will inspire you to be yourself and being the best of yourself in life, at work, and in business. It will empower you to live a simple and easy life; a life that is full of joy, freedom to explore and appreciate who you are, what you are and what you can do with your life. It will inspire and empower you to embrace the essence of life and living a fulfilling life.



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