The Speaking Skill for Personal Development in The Digital Economy:

Holistically, Speaking and Listening Skills make you a whole person. Most baby boomers like myself hated the Speaking Skill exercises in class. At that time, they used it as a tool for shaming and punishing when you were out of order and not in line with what they expected you to do in class. Our teachers never tried to make it more sensible and practical for self-development and self-esteem. It was like testing to see how brave one is to stand in front of the class and say something.

Failure to say something would result in jeering from other learners. That was to the amusement of the teacher. Who always wanted to be seen and believed as the master of the class. It zeroed the holistic teaching approach that our blog sees as necessary in the present-day digital world.    This post will explore the need for the Speaking Skill in the present-day world and how it helps learners and you for personal development in life and business. Let’s jump into it and dig into why you need to be home and dry with your speaking skill in life and business.

Confidence in Conversing

You know that 30 % of your daily communication and learning depends on your Speaking skill. However, speaking is not talking and needs a bit of art to have a meaningful conversation with people around you. When conversing with other people, you need the ability to pay attention to what you want to say and express yourself clearly and practically. That helps the conversation to flow naturally with ease and enjoyment in the conversation. That will make you free to interact with people from different parts of the world. You will never feel like a stranger in any social setting you find yourself in any part of the world. 

So, invest yourself in being confident in conversing, especially in English, which is an international language. You can practice speaking to strangers on platforms like iTalki where you need to pay for conversing with any foreigner to earn their language or for them to learn your language for conversation. The most practical software programs for talking with other people live are;  Facebook and WhatsApp. These social platforms are free for video calling and live conversations. You can also use Zoom or Skype for business conferencing and virtual business meetings.

Exchanging Ideas

The twenty-first century has become a world of sharing information and knowledge. So, Speaking Skill has become a necessary skill you need to master. Quiet people who hardly talk to anyone will never have the opportunity and confidence to exchange ideas with anyone. Speaking skills open such opportunities to fear nothing about expressing your beliefs. It is when people understand your beliefs and values that they can only give you that due respect and have room to exchange their own opinions with you.

Speaking skill helps you in sharing meaningful and helpful ideas. That will help getting connected to other smart people who can help in your personal growth and development in life. Nothing is as inspiring and empowering as feeling that other people around you can listen to your ideas and find them valuable. That can only happen when you develop your Speaking skill and put it into practice through any media format like audio, video, or podcast. So, start practicing these and be home and dry with your Speaking skill.

Effective Communication

Clarity and articulation of ideas and views are necessary for life and business. Effective communication comes from Speaking skills. At times speaking and communication can be contextually confusing. This blog post explores a holistic perception of both. The Speaking skill results in being able to express your thoughts and ideas, which boils down to effective communication. The number one way and mode of communicating is speaking. For it allows human closeness and interaction face to face.

So, speaking skills will equip you with the confidence to communicate face to face with individuals or among a crowd of people in any setting without fear. You would not find yourself mumbling due to a lack of confidence in speaking and articulating your thoughts and ideas. 

Business Communication

Communication is the most common activity that promotes rapport in any business organization. Warren Buffet says; that of all the qualifications he has, the only one he finds of great value is the Communication qualification he got from Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course. He says, “If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” Honing your speaking and communications skills will contribute 50% of your worthiness. You should have the power to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in life, at work, and in business. Or else nothing would ever happen, especially in pitching business ideas and marketing products and services. You need the speaking skill to master business communication

Participate in Discussions

 Confidence in airing your views live can be empowering with that mindset of knowing how to speak out your voice without hesitation and fear of speaking in front of other people. So, speaking skills will give you the confidence to participate in live discussions in workshops, forums, podcasts, or on any live show when invited to participate. That will also give you the confidence to put yourself out there as a speaker and pitch your speaking skills to interested groups who might want to use you for their forums.

 Participating in discussions can also expose you to new ideas that can help your personal development in life and business. It also helps in feeling good about yourself for contributing to sharing ideas and facts about life and business. If it is at work, you will feel fulfilled for demonstrating your communication skills which will boost your confidence in your general feeling about yourself and your capabilities at work and in business.

So, learn to speak your mind and hone the power and confidence in your communication skills that help you in life and business. Our course here will ensure you get familiar with how best you can practice all the basic skills and opportunities they open up to you in life and business.


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