Holistic Minimalist Lifestyle in Your One-Room Apartment:

Do you always feel crowded and stuffy in your one-room apartment? You shouldn’t. Embrace it with an open heart and soul and learn to live big in small spaces. Be it a one-room apartment or any humble aboard, simplicity and minimalism help to live with little stress, especially with worldwide economic disruptions. How then, can you feel relaxed and joyful in your small one-room apartment? The idea of downsizing and living large in small spaces is a concept and movement taking the whole world by storm. It is a global concept that has seen more and more people seeking deep insights into minimalism and its significance in living a simple, holistic, and intentional lifestyle that focuses on a purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle. Here is a case study of Joana.

Joana’s Case study

When Joana found herself moving to a new bigger city due to the effects of the world pandemic and with no stable income to look after herself, she was fortunate to get served from heavy rentals in the city by opting for a one-room apartment. Having spent many years living at workplaces as a teacher in the rural community, it was a relief for her to learn to adjust, as she had zero budget, relying on her children and the scattered income from her freelance writing scanty jobs.

It was a relief to realize how the one-room apartment concept enhanced her long-held desire to live a simple purpose-driven lifestyle. That coincided with the idea of downsizing to live a minimalistic lifestyle, especially with aging, and reducing the stresses and expenses of cleaning and maintaining the place. Being minimalistic is holistic living. It is living a simpler with less clutter and maintenance responsibilities. Whether you are a baby boomer, empty nester, single, widowed, divorcee, separated, or student. Living in small spaces relieves all stresses of living in a big house. A one-room apartment that always comes with a community around you can give you the power to claim your boundaries and freedom, meet new friends, and build new memories that can enhance your life perspectives. The concept of one room involves living mostly in communal properties with your bathing and toilet facilities and own kitchen corner. At times it can be a communal kitchen.

That means you learn to be responsible, not just for yourself but for other people around you, using the communal kitchen and other facilities you might be sharing. It teaches holistic and humane principles of not just doing things for yourself but the benefit of everyone concerned. Unfortunately, some people hardly think of it that way. That is why I feel this blog post will inspire and empower you to celebrate living joyfully in a small space and how best you can navigate living in your communal one-room apartment. Here are the tips that Joana shared with me that have made her joyful and feel fulfilled in her new minimalist lifestyle.

Tips For Accepting Minimalist Lifestyle from Joana

  • Accept your situation and all the circumstances that made you choose the one-room apartment accommodation facility.
  • Learn to adjust fast by adapting to new ways of living like downsizing, minimalist, and living large in small spaces.
  • Be simple and learn to live a purpose-driven lifestyle, especially in the present-day digital world with many creative opportunities you can explore online.
  • Be practical and bring in only items that help create the kind of space you feel comfortable and relaxed with a free room for movement safely without obstructions that can lead to breakages and accidents.
  • Surround yourself with only those things that have sentimental value and meaning in your life.
  • Limit small items that add clutter and resort to those of value, multi-purpose, and functionality, like a coach into a bed in the evening.
  • Create a clear vision of how you want to feel in your small space by focusing on creating a clutter-free atmosphere with no distractions.
  • Practice religious tidying up your small space to keep it clean, cluttered free, and inviting for relaxation and feeling good in your one-room apartment.
  • Wean yourself from the materialist mindset of just buying possessions, but buy a few items of value that make you happy in your small space.
  • Focus on intentional living for a purpose and meaningful life, not just looking at what other people do with their life and money.

The one-room apartment concept teaches discipline in expenditure and discourages hoarding. People in the developed states have experienced the detrimental effects of hoarding, which can easily lead to losing their health and sanity. Therefore, it helps in improving your health and well-being. You become happier and more satisfied with what you have and more mindful to appreciate living in clutter-free surroundings with an aesthetic sense of hygiene and beauty around you. You become more conscious and creative with how you spend your time and enjoy your living space. That mindset alone is holistic and healing to your inner soul as a person. Let us go deeper and look at the benefits that will make you appreciate the one-room apartment lifestyle.

Benefits For Appreciating the One-Room Apartment Lifestyle

  • Learning to be economical by saving more money due to more discipline in choosing what to buy and what not to consider, the small space you have in your one-room apartment.
  • Learning to appreciate new concepts of intentional, purpose-centered lifestyle as of global significance in making the world a better place to live by affording everyone some roof above their head.
  • Limits stress in high rentals that will eat most of your income and leave you with little to save or invest in more tangible assets, like buying your property.
  • Practice more focused shopping as you buy less that suits your small space. That also helps in making you buy better stuff than just hoarding.
  • Peace of mind due to the opportunity of saving and accruing more from your saving and investments.
  • Efficient use of time due to reduced time for cleaning, organizing, or shopping for new items to fill empty spaces of a bigger home.
  • Living peacefully with no clutter and developing a more aesthetic sense in appreciating the beauty and value of every piece in your small space as an object of value.
  • Reduction of anxiety and stress due to unplanned expenses in buying just for the sake of increasing possessions.
  • Improves your health and well-being due to just feeling surrounded by only user-friendly gadgets and stuff that reduce stress and clutter.
  • You will develop a more grateful heart and soul for the few items you have around you and their value in affording you a simple and fulfilling life.

That way, you become more satisfied with your life and live a more meaningful and purpose-driven life that allows you the creative power to understand who you are and what you need in life to be happy. It is not a big home or possessions, but just being minimalist through practicing the art of simple living. Above all, being holistic and humane in life and business is the best way to live a fulfilling life. And thrive in making the world a better place to live, work and do business, just like most minimalist-conscious property developers are promoting in making accommodation more affordable to those who can hardly afford high rentals for standalone homes.


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