Holistic Literacy for Business Transformation and Economic Development

November 17, 2020

Why is literacy always a concern in mapping out progress in education and economic development in any nation.?

The past and present research findings agree on the notion that, nothing opens the human mind to progress and advance in society than the ability to read and write, and even better if it is holistic and functional. It is a fact that no nation would ever know advancement and progress without literacy at its basic sense of being able to read and write. However, for business transformation, holistic literacy at its most functional sense of being able to create and innovate is needed in the present-day digital world. Holistic literacy inspires and empowers people to dream and create holistic and humane enterprises. It promotes creation of business enterprises in the context of the people they are created to serve and be of value and valid service. Someone, might say, what about countries like Zimbabwe, where literacy for adults is cited as 92%, why is its economy stagnant and unstable?  Well, you are right, the economic crashes and instability in that country were basically created to pin that nation down as a way of fixing its former, highly educated, and eloquent president, Probert Mugabe. On a larger scale though, it was failure to design and create holistic economic policies, that would heal the critical pain points of the economy and fulfil its mandate of being of service and serve the majority of the people. Also, the kind of literacy instilled and inculcated in the population, was never carved to be holistic and humane enough to heal the people’s hearts, souls, and mindset for economic development. It left empty gaps in their hearts and souls. That is why selfishness, corruption, greed, and superstitious beliefs are rampant and ranking high in most African States with businesses dying with their founders and presidents amassing wealth for themselves at the expense of the poor majority.

Therefore, holistic literacy inspires and empowers anyone to be holistic, creative and humane enough to open their hearts and souls to what is happening around them and feel they can be a solution  and a tool for transformation and play a role in making the world a better place to live, work and do business. It gives us the opportunity and ability to create better things, novel ideas that will help others to create even better things that will help in business transformation and economic development for generational blessings. Any business policy or economic policy that is designed and created without a holistic mindset is bound to suffer a rebound within the system it is supposed to thrive and flourish. That is why most businesses and nations are suffering. They are operating out of context without a holistic mindset for bringing everyone aboard in their creation, execution, and management. A thing that should not happen, especially in the present-day world where everyone should be enlightened enough to understand the holistic principles of being of service above self by creating value that solves people’ s problems.

 Holistic literacy is necessary in education and training in the present-day world. Policy makers as designers and creators, need to remember that, one cannot design or create something useful out of context. It will miss the whole purpose of its creation. Effective designing and creation of any policy needs a holistic perspective of its context and this must be then translated, transcribed, and expressed vividly in writing for it to be understood by everyone concerned.  However, writing and articulation of any policy or idea can only become an effective tool when it is appropriately and relevantly used in life and business. The only way to have the creative power to do so is through holistic literacy. Holistic literacy empowers anyone like you to be articulate in sharing ideas and to understand the world around you. Its needs, wants, and challenges. It inspires you to think of better ways of serving people and how best you can be of service to help in healing the world. Your business idea should be created, carved out of that desire to serve, and executed to be a solution that should motivate you to wake up every day and plan what you can do to make it work for you and everyone concerned.

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That is what inspired and made me to survive for many years in the classroom and still miss about being in the four walls of a classroom. I never woke up with a payday date in my mind, I woke up with a plan of how best I should make my students smarter, creative and better people for themselves, their society and the world at large. My main area of concern in the classroom was soft skills, in line with etiquette and good manners, which I really witnessed being seriously overlooked in the prescribed curriculum. I made it my duty to inculcate those life skills into my student. Surprising they always took it all deep into them. I only witnessed this each time I met my former students, they always radiated that kind of disposition one expects to see on a well-groomed being especially in the present-day, where most young people seem to be losing touch with this reality of etiquette and good manners. Yet, I bet all those learners and students who had an opportunity to get through my hands as an English Language teacher are very open minded people with a better outlook to life,  a clear mindset about life, and a deep sense of etiquette and good manners. I always felt I should teach about life, not teaching for passing examinations. Examinations in the classroom, do not create a better person, they create a confused and frustrated being, just as the world is experiencing, with graduates, who can hardly help themselves, for they were mentally developed to believe in getting employed and pay back money borrowed for college studies. Yet, unemployment rates are forever skyrocketing with constant economic meltdowns. That alone, is limiting and killing the students’ creative power to explore their inner self and find themselves and carve out what they want to be and what they want to do with their life.

I was also trapped in that system, I never applied to be trained as a teacher, but was sent by the government system to be a teacher. It was to fill up the gap that had been created by mass education soon after independence in my home country.  Though, I did the best in it and still doing the best in it, I have always yearned for something more meaningful, creative, holistic, and innovative and not text based. A curriculum that evolves with times, something editable, and deletable, unlike the traditional text-based curriculum. It was through realising this gap I felt that I drew inspiration to create a more holistic curriculum. A curriculum that seeks to heal the heart and the soul of the present-day student and adult who never was given an opportunity to explore their inner soul and mind and explore what they want to be in the world.

There is a crisis of low literacy in the present-day world and the whole world is seeking for something deeper, something more holistic and healing. Now, through Holistic Literacy, I realised I could have done better with those students with a more creative and innovative curriculum, unlike the prescriptive curriculum and syllabus I used through my whole career of teaching in the classroom. So, that is why Holistic Literacy Academy was created, to feel that gap I felt in the classroom. It is a gap that has made most people of my age remain static and failing to create better things on behalf of those who will come after us. In many parts of the world especially Africa, most businesses die with their founders and living generational curses of poverty and strife within families. Why is that so? I hear someone asking, Well, it all boils down to one thing – lack of holistic literacy. It all starts with how that business idea was conceived, created, executed, and managed. Whether its purpose, vision and mission were ever translated and transmitted to those people who matter. A business model or government policy can only survive its founder or president if it was created to serve and to be of service to those people, it was created to serve and whether  it was clearly translated, transcribed and communicated to all interested parties. All, this needs holistic literacy, that helps in interpretation of the context of the business model or the government policy.

Yet all this can be a challenge, especially, if it is not holistically done to inspire and empower all people concerned with its execution and management. Remember, one can only own something they believe in and proud to possess and cherish. This builds royalty in business and belonging to a nation for life-long survival, success, and progress. Therefore, anyone, who needs that kind of cooperation and progress needs the adoption of the holistic mindset in creating, executing, and managing their business, or their nation for economic development. If you as an employer or employee and civil servant does not embrace holistic literacy as a solution for business transformation and economic development, then your context of doing business and running a nation will remain narrow and limited.

Someone might see this as a whim, well, tell you what, I have seen where the world is going, the present-day youths, are tired of the academic stagnation of being in closed classrooms with teachers barking at them out of context, out of the digital arena, where everything more creative and interesting seem to be happening. They are tired, and this is affecting their literacy level.  In America, literacy level is plummeting, ironically at a terrific rate of a torpedo. Imagine if a powerhouse nation like America is having such a literacy crisis, this means, the problem is huge.  Most of their teachers especially in the poor suburbs are getting frustrated of teaching learners or students whom they see as lacking interest and hardly care about education. They can hardly read and write. Yet the digital world they are craving for needs high literacy skills. What the teachers or parents do not realise is that these learners or students really care, all what they are yearning for is an education that heals their hearts, souls, and their mind.  That is why, I feel the Holistic literacy and Learning programme is the answer to all this. It would be a solution to reinvent yourself and any youth interested in learning to believe in themselves and have confidence in exploring and exploiting their talent and skills to create and earn in a creative, holistic and humane way and contribute in making the world a better place to live, work and do business. This is how it does that at a cost that is worthy its value.

  1. It is a comprehensive curriculum that looks at all aspects of you as a person and the way you can interact with the world and having the creative power to do so.
  2. It is designed in the context of your everyday life, be it at home, at school, at work, in business and the world at large and makes you realise something  that was missing in the curriculum you did at school.
  3. It is holistically presented by being inclusive of the elementary, intermediate, and advanced level in learning for it is transformational, not academic based.
  4. It explores all the holistic literacies that any being on earth needs to master to understand themselves and how best they should present themselves in the world, be it in writing or speaking.
  5. It inspires and empowers you to be comfortable and confident in exploring and exploiting your talent and skills in a creative, innovative, holistic and humane way, and be a solution in the world, just like this programme here if you choose to be part of it, you will really feel that ‘’Aha’’ of wanting to do something and be part of something progressive to create and play a role in the world.

‘’Feeling like upskilling and levelling up your literacy skills? Do not look anywhere else, try the Holistic Literacy Program, and never miss any of the courses as they get unfolded!’’


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