How to Claim Your Digital Space and Presence in The Digital Global Economy:

July 30, 2020
Holistic Literacy Coach

Basic literacy skills are the foundation for holistic literacy, which is the basis of being literate enough to have the creative power to claim your digital space and presence in the Digital Economy. It is the basis of understanding yourself and how best you can position yourself and your business venture in the present-day digital world. Understanding yourself and the world around you will inspire you to interact with the world  with confidence and clarity of what you are doing with yourself in making the world a better place to live, work and do business. Being holistically literate will give you the creative power to explore and exploit your knowledge, talent, and skills. Holistic literacy, is basically the ability to understand yourself and how best you perceive the world around you, be it in life and business. Therefore, basic literacy skills are needed for survival and success in the present-day world, whether offline, and more importantly for online presence.

So, playing hide and seek game with your basic literacy skills as an entrepreneur in the Global digital Economy will never take you far in the 21st century life and business game! You need to cultivate the creative power to understand yourself and the world around and learn to own your digital space in the Global Digital World for yourself and your business venture. The Digital Economic Space needs to be confidently explored and exploited by any entrepreneur in the 21st century business world. The digital marketplace is no longer just for Big Brands or for only businesses in the developing world. It has become a Digital Global arena where big and small businesses all over the world showcase the holistic and humane picture of their business enterprises and how they can appeal and be solutions to the pain-points and problems of their prospective customers.

The digital global space is now a holistic and humane space for expressing value and benefits of your products and services and how they can be a remedy and solution to your prospects’ pain-points and problems. Therefore, basic literacy skills, that empower you to read, write, and express yourself in relation to the world with relevance, clarity and confidence are needed in the 21st century world. and having a website is no longer a luxury. A website is a showroom and roadmap of what you are and all your ideas. It is an expression of your brand voice, beliefs, and values. So, you need basic literacy skills to articulate your beliefs, values, and your brand. This will help you to establish some digital presence of yourself and your small business venture on the digital global platform.

 Remember, digital entrepreneurship is fast disrupting the traditional brick and mortar business model or office based business models and the traditional industrial economy has already been disrupted into a digital liberal economy, where entrepreneurship ventures have become more human centred than profit making centred. It is the interests and behaviour of people around the world, that is shaping what to do and what not do for your business to succeed in the present-day world. All this can only become clear and exploitable with basic literacy skills to read and analyse data and information online.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur in an emerging and developing economy, you need to be comfortable and confident with your basic literacy skills. This will inspire and empower you to explore and exploit the digital opportunities available in the present-day digital world. Being highly literate in all the basic literacy skills will make you feel home and dry and claim your position, space, and presence in the Digital World. Lack of basic literacy skills and appreciation of digital literacy will compromise your power and presence in the digital economy, and thereby failing the success of all your business endeavours. This can be frustrating, and with no adequate inspiration and guidance from qualified mentors, especially if you do not expose yourself to wide inspirational reading from trusted and smart sources, it can really be distressing. That is why you really need to equip yourself with all the basic literacy skills.

One thing I have realised that can inspire and empower any entrepreneur, especially solopreneurs in an emerging and unstable economy is the power of mastering the high basic literacy skills, like being able to read for different purposes in life and business. You need to know what basic literacy skills are relevant and in high demand in the digital global world. Basic literacy skills will inspire you and give you confidence to create some digital space for your venture and empower you to share enlightening and valuable ideas to educate and inspire yourself and your prospects. So, the present-day digital world does not need you to play hide and seek on the digital global platform, but to claim and create some space and presence for yourself and your small venture.

Hidden reasons for playing hide and seek with your venture:

Most, emerging entrepreneurs in most emerging economies find it hard to be transparent and clear with what they are doing in their venture. Here are the reasons why most of them choose to remain behind the scenes of their business ventures and fail to be motivated to position it with authority on the digital place like any other established brand on the marketplace.

  1. Lack of confidence in basic literacy skills and appreciation of holistic literacy skills.
  2. Having no clear vision and conviction in your venture due to lack of exposure to creative ideas.
  3. Lacking passion and drive in what you are doing, due to lack of understanding yourself and the world around you.
  4. Lack of creativity and innovation in long practised business ideas, due to lack of critical thinking.
  5. Fear of showcasing your products and services to the world, due to lack of self-belief and confidence in yourself and what you are doing.

Therefore, you should not be afraid to put yourself on the digital platform. Do not be afraid of competition and comparison. In the digital business world, there is no competition, but your value proposition in your products and services, and how they contribute to making the world a better place to live, work, and do business. No creative and innovative businessperson and entrepreneur in the present-day world competes with anyone unless they are still existing in the traditional Industrial business world. The only competition you should challenge yourself with is how best you can be holistic, green, and humane enough in your business operations and procedures.

The game in the present -day world is not to compete with anyone, but to compete with yourself in how best you can deliver value and be a solution to your target market. It is about competing with yourself and see how you can help in healing the world and make it a better place to live, work, and do business.  It is not only big brands that need to be heard and felt on the digital space. You too as a solopreneur need to have the power to claim and create some space for your venture and yourself as a brand. So, how best can you claim your digital presence and learn to be confident and comfortable with everything you are doing in your venture. Here are five ways that basic literacy skills will help you and your brand to come to the open and claim your presence and authority in the 21st century digital economy.

  1. Create an active Website, that will help in housing your vision, mission and inspiring enough to amass loyalty and support from your prospects.
  2. Make it clearly spell out your purpose and services, why you exist, your values and beliefs that resonate with your target market’s lifestyle.
  3. Let it be an aesthetic expression of your products and services by making it resonate brand voice.
  4. Make it feature the value and benefits of your products and services and why people must consider you in the market.
  5. Make it a relatable and central hub for remedying pain-points of your clients, by making your prospects enjoy the journey with you and what you are doing.


Basically, basic literacy skills will inspire and empower you to appreciate some sense of digital presence through reading other people’s content and the importance of creating a website, which  is the most effective way you can authentically claim and create some presence and authority of yourself and your venture in the 21st Century business world. It will inspire you as an entrepreneur to be knowledgeable and confident in expressing the features and benefits of the stuff you are offering and how best you can package and present it to the world for lead generation that might convert into sales and boost your income. It will help in establishing your presence and positioning in the global marketplace. It will also inspire and empower you to come out with creative content to express and enjoy what you are doing, for any digital presence through a website calls for your creative insights in the marketing game with enticing images and compelling texts. This will inspire and empower your brand voice and identity in the digital global world and how best you can dig in and learn to write from a global perspective as a digital global citizen. So, welcome aboard and be literate, comfortable, and confident in the Digital Global World with our Holistic Literacy & Learning Course/ Programme which you access here.


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