Holistic Parenting & Teaching in the 21ST Century World!

What is being a mom/parent?                                           

Being a mother is an international role, a role that any woman should do with love and an open heart and spirit. It is not an obligation. It is a special responsibility and a humbling call whether you are African, European, or Asian, and any other race. It is never determined by race, colour, or creed, for any mother can be a mother to any child, and nurture him or her like their own child. So, Mother’s Touch Talk and its vision as a blog is a global thing and it is for every mom or parent whether married or single. For being a mother or parent, does not matter, whether you are married, or single, or where you are from, anyone can be a mother and is a mother and parent. The gist of the matter in this exciting journey is “How to be an inspirational and empowering mom/parent in the 21st Century World.” Mother’s Touch Talk is a voice that is seeking to be heard and listened to by all moms or parents under earth for them to thrive in inspiring and empowering the future young generations to be themselves and be the best of themselves in doing anything wherever they are in the world. As mom or parent you need to learn inspire and empower yourself to live a simple and fulfilling life with a free spirit that keeps you as a mom or parent, in peace and harmony with yourself minus hypertension[BP] tablets for the good of all concerned. Remember, your children do not want a perfect mother but a healthy, inspirational, and empowering mother.

Challenges of being a 21st Century mom:

The present-day children are faced with many social and economic challenges that if not well guarded and guided can easily lead to stress, depression and suicidal thoughts as they grow to be adults in a world that needs healing from all sorts of sin like; hatred, jealousy, corruption, drug dealing, organisational conflicts, economic crises, financial crashes, retrenchments, high unemployment rates and forever evolving technology. All these hit the present-day young generations in one way or the other. It is clear here that they have a lot to fight against to remain healthy and remain standing. Something that we as adults never fought before.

The only way, they can survive and remain standing against all these odds, challenges and temptations is having an inspirational and empowering mom, or parent rallying behind them. So, its time, you as a mom and parent learn and master the skills of being an inspirational and empowering parent to your child or children and any child around you. I know it is not easy, but it can be done and enjoyed with God’s grace and love.

Mother’s Touch Talk as a solution:

Mother’s Touch Talk is an Inspirational & Empowering Speaking Service that Inspires and empowers you to be a happy and fulfilled mother, and parent through believing that; “Being a mother is a universal thing and it is a mother’s responsibility to build a healthy, inspired and empowered child, or children with herself feeling joyful and fulfilled as a woman and as a lady. You can never have the power to inspire and empower others, when you, yourself is not inspired and empowered within yourself. That is why, this blog is for people like you, who see being a mom as a hustle or a burden, not as a higher calling and a blessing. Whether you are very well married,  in an abusive relationship, or single out of any circumstances, accepting and embracing your responsibility as a mom, or parent without a grumbling heart, but with an open and free heart, will definitely bless your children and what they are going to be in the world. It is a fact that family relationships especially marriages can sour, and leave one disillusioned, but, as an inspirational and empowering mom, or parent, you should never feel disheartened by your own children, for you are the one who was chosen, by God to bring them on earth, so embrace that privilege and responsibility with God’s love and grace, and God will definitely give you the power to overcome, and be a joyful and fulfilled mom and parent. That peaceful and joyful heart and soul will transfer automatically to your children and inspire and empower them to be themselves and being the best of themselves in doing anything as they find their way into the menacing world. It will inspire and empower them to defend themselves against growing and developing into troubled children in a troubled world. It will inspire and empower them with clear identity of who they are, what they want out of life and how best  they can get it through more holistic and humane means that make them contribute in making the world a better place to live.  It will be a strong foundation for them to learn to survive and succeed through that creative and authentic power of being themselves and being the best of themselves and contribute in making the world a better place to live for everyone.

Your Support as a mom/parent:

This blog is meant for you as a mom or parent in the 21st Century World  to learn to inspire and empower yourself to have the creative and authentic power to inspire and empower future young generations to be themselves and being the best of themselves in doing anything, be it at home, at school/college, at work, in business, in the civil society, and the world at large. It will inspire and empower you to have the creative, holistic, and humane power to inspire and empower your child or children to be strong in healing the rotting world. It will inspire and empower them to remain standing and claim their position as wonderful, humble and free spirited beings  who can explore the world as global citizens, with confidence and belief  in who they are and what they want to become and contribute in making the world a better place to live for themselves and everyone concerned. So, follow me on this blog, and prepare yourself to contribute and support our upcoming podcast based on these issues. Meanwhile you can support this exciting journey by purchasing; “The Art of Simple Living” via Amazon.com or on click on this link.


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