Life & Basic Literacy

April 15, 2019
Holistic Literacy Coach

At Unique Visionary Empowerment we believe that basic literacy is important in recognition of words and symbols and making sense of the words and symbols. It is the ability to read and write and making sense of what you are reading and writing. It is the basis of all literacies like Business & Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Business Literacy, and Business & Financial Literacy. Life & Healthy Literacy, Life & Social Literacy and Travelling and Tour Literacy. It is the foundation for learning to read and write and to be able to access, read, analyze and evaluate and utilize information for the benefit of creating value in the user, who in our case here could be an entrepreneur in any organisation or industry. Basic literacy is important in education, research and in understanding ourselves as people and as organizations. It is important for mental development. It opens our eyes and mind. It helps us to think and solve problems.
It is important in our communities and important for community development. It is important for social and economic understanding and for sustainable economic development. The basic ability to read and write promotes dialogue, social progress, and general understanding of life. Be it at home, at school, at work, in business, in the civil society and the world at large. This is where our company comes in through our literacy and learning progrmmes to inspire and empower people and organizations to appreciate the ability to read and write as a foundation for Holistic Literacy to make the world a better place to live for everyone. How can people and organizations encourage basic literacy and holistic literacy in their locations?


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